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How do you determine if your aging love one needs in home help?

One thing for sure: your parents or grandparents won’t tell you they need help because the last thing they do is to become a burden to the family… ONLY after a traumatic event will make the Realization that they need Help..Example, when they get stripped from the drainage and get fracture, suffer a stroke, and others.. Are you going to let that happen?
Everyone wants control of their lives and seniors feels the same way for as long as possible. But you as their family must assess and anticipate that help is needed. Don’t wait until accidents happen when it could have prevented. If this accident happen, imagine the emotional stress that will hit you.. making it difficult and painful for everyday life both work and personal.. Make early educated decisions that you and your parents are comfortable with.

Start assessing your parents and grandparents mental and physical abilities.

Here are some points that your aging love one, relative or friend needs In Home Help
1. Difficulty bathing, Grooming, walking, eating..
2. Difficulty cooking, preparing meals for themselves
3. Unhygienic from unable to wash
4. Some bruises or marks in their body indicating fall or difficulty from moving themselves

5. Burns that could indicate accidents from cooking
6. Difficulty in completing tasks like sweeping, maintaining the house…
7. Unopened mails, unpaid bills
8. Empty ref or food supply not enough
9. Smell of urine maybe due to incontinence
10. Forgetfulness resulting to burned pots
11. Lack of motivation
12. Failed to answer your calls
13. Sensitivity and become verbally/physically abusive
14. Vitamins or Medicines unable to follow or complete
15. Early stage of Dementia like confusion, memory lapses, wandering, mood swings and others…

If you think your parents is experiencing one or more of this, then you have to sit with them and talk about it. It is best that they themselves will identify the problems and decide on the solutions that meets their Care needs.


Caregiver Task

Private Caregiver Roles

Private Cergiver Roles

Private caregiver roles are  Elderly Care and In-home care Services.  Live in and Live out Care. Companionship. Post Hospitalization and Rehabilitation. Long Term Care and Short Term.  Palliative Care and Disability bedridden stroke. Basic and Skilled Nursing Care.


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1. Performs direct basic nursing measures and care activities like vital signs monitoring
2. Maintains a safe, clean and healthful environment for the patient as well as wash the PATIENTS laundry.
3. Holistic Care approach:  socially, intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally
4. Guides and assists the patient in their personal hygiene such as toileting, grooming, dressing and bathing. Elders are unable to do it by themselves.
5. Prepares meals ( some are prescribed and as instructed by the physician). Cook patients meal on case basis_ eg if the patient is on special diet. Low salt diet, diabetic diet, or patient on NGT..
6. Bedside care early in the morning and afternoon care . Making sure that enough sleep, healthy food and physical activity is checked and provided for the continuity of care
7. Medicine preparation and administration (IF PHYSICIAN ORDER)
8. Informs the elders when rehabilitation is needed such as physical therapy and exercise
9.Performs errands for the elders. This is on a case to case basis. _eg. Shopping, walking in the park, and others.
10. Provides assistance on house calls or attends to visit the physician on schedule