1. WHAT IS THE ASSURANCE OF CARE? PDN Care is 100% Trusted in Providing Private Caregivers. Clients can ascertain A good service thru Feedbacks from our previous clients, referrals or spread tru word of mouth.

2. IS THE CAREGIVERS LOCAL OR FEREIGNERS? Mainly foreigners and Filipinos with trainings and Certification. Got Male and Female Caregiver depends on your need.

3. AGE BRACKET OF CAREGIVERS? Age between 25 to 49 

4. HOW MUCH IS THE RATE FOR LIVE IN CAREGIVER? +- 4,000 MYR per month with 26 working days and 4 offdays a month. Offdays are usually Sundays … 

5. HOW ABOUT STAY-OUT CAREGIVER? Stay out caregiver rate at +-15 MYR per hour with 8 hours minimum and 10 hours maximum of work

6. WHAT IF I NEED MONDAY TO SUNDAY FOR LIVE-IN CAREGIVER? Usually got reliever. Relievers are Caregivers that will temporarily do the work of the PERMANENT caregiver while HE/SHE is on her offdays.

7. WHAT IF I DONT LIKE THE CAREGIVER? CAN I CHANGE CAREGIVER? Yes definitely, If you feel that the caregiver is not suitable for the patient , then let us know so we can arrange for a replacement. But need atleast 1-2 days for the arrangemnet. NO FEE IS COLLECTED FOR REPLACEMENT