Client B: “Diabetes needs Attention”

Patient B “Diabetes needs Attention”

Patient B is 80 years old living in a  Condominium with her son. She got four children. Two are away and one Daughter is living nearby..Her son is teaching in a University and only comes back at night so her daughter comes often to visit her..Usually thrice,twice to once a week.

Patient B is plum, about 70kg and 5’3inches tall. She is quite talkative, jolly and  independent. She do simple house hold Chores like sweeping and some wiping..  she loves to sit on her sofa and watch movies. She loves to eat as well.. Sometimes she cook meals for her son but usually her Daughter always buy outside food or if not they will go out together to eat.

Patient B has diabetes for long time. She had been managing herself for a quite period of time. She inject herself with insulin and able  to walk without assistance but slow. Sometimes she uses her walking stick…

One day, she felt that her right toe is becoming numb and got some redness. She did not mind cause she thought its just normal so she never told her children about it. But after sometime, she noticed that her toe becoming black. She quickly called her daughter and told about it so her daughter came and when the daughter saw it, she became worried.She suggested her mom to go with her and see the doctor. When the doctor checked, the doctor is quite unhappy so they admitted Patient B and did some checks. The results is quite bad.. Doctor talked to the family and said that the only option is to amputate the toe otherwise the infection will get worse. The operation was scheduled.

After the operation, Patient B had changed a lot..She refuse to talk and eat. Sometimes she just cry. Her daughter tried everything to make her smile by telling stories, asking what she wants, etc.. but Patient B doesn’t listen. She just lay down and sleep. She became depressed…

All the children came to the hospital and decided to engage a private care provider for their mom.. “Carer Helen” came to the hospital on the day of Patient B  discharge. Carer Helen greet the patient and introduce herself but patient B did not respond. The family brief Carer Helen about the patient’s condition.. They waited for the discharge plan from the doctor which includes the medications and special instructions and go home..

Carer Helen had a hard time adjusting as the patient is not talking and also not cooperating. Patient B also didn’t want to stand nor move.. The carer had to transfer Patient B from bed to wheelchair, bed to commode.. Vise versa..

Everyday Carer Helen had to cook meal for the patient and for herself, do some light household help like sweeping,do the patients laundry, take care of Patient B by giving her a bath, Grooming, wound cleaning and dressing, preparing meals, taking her to the toilet, checking the glucose, give patient a bath and others..

Patient B never tried to look at her wound everytime Carer Helen had to the wound dressing. Carer Helen knows that after amputation, it’s normal that the patient grieve because the patient feels that something is loss from her body. And that she will give time for the patient to accept it.. she also knew that she needs to explain about the amputation so the patient will fully understand. Carer Helen then patiently educate the patient. She explained about the importance of amputation . She assured the patient that amputation of her toe will Not make her less independent and that she can still able to walk. The carer gives her health teachings on how the healing process of the wound is, importance of using diabetic shoes, diet, exercise and others..

One day while Carer Helen is dressing the wound, Patient B suddenly talk and ask the carer how is her wound. Carer Helen then describe the wound and tells the patient that the wound is healing well.

PATIENT B then started to talk to Carer Helen, telling stories.. making jokes.. Showing interests..  PATIENT B also started to check some stuff, giving instructions and others..

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One day, Carer Helen called the daughter and told Patient B was mad and  she doesn’t know why. Daughter came and Patient B talks continously telling the carer change the position of her cabinet etc.. The daughter’s face brighten up and ask the carer to talk to her privately…
The daughter was excited and so happy. She held Carer Helen’s hand and thanked her many times. She told Carer Helen that her mom is back. She said that her mom is used to be like that before the amputation. She talks non stop, that she is sometimes get mad but after that she will crack jokes, she is a jolly woman.. The daughter thanked her because they don’t really expect that their mom will be back to her old self.

Carer Helen stayed and work with them for a year until patient B wound is completely healed and dry, able to manage herself independently again. They get a maid who comes during day time to accompany patient B. Carer Helen becomes a family friend. The daughter always invite her when they have occasions or sometimes go out together to eat with the family…

Attention‼️Diabetic patient needs protective shoes. Must always pay attention to foot care, diet, exercise. Checking and maintaining their glucose. Insulin injection and don’t forget to stock some sweets incase their sugar drop ( prevent hypoglycemia)

How do you determine if your aging love one needs in home help?

One thing for sure: your parents or grandparents won’t tell you they need help because the last thing they do is to become a burden to the family… ONLY after a traumatic event will make the Realization that they need Help..Example, when they get stripped from the drainage and get fracture, suffer a stroke, and others.. Are you going to let that happen?
Everyone wants control of their lives and seniors feels the same way for as long as possible. But you as their family must assess and anticipate that help is needed. Don’t wait until accidents happen when it could have prevented. If this accident happen, imagine the emotional stress that will hit you.. making it difficult and painful for everyday life both work and personal.. Make early educated decisions that you and your parents are comfortable with.

Start assessing your parents and grandparents mental and physical abilities.

Here are some points that your aging love one, relative or friend needs In Home Help
1. Difficulty bathing, Grooming, walking, eating..
2. Difficulty cooking, preparing meals for themselves
3. Unhygienic from unable to wash
4. Some bruises or marks in their body indicating fall or difficulty from moving themselves

5. Burns that could indicate accidents from cooking
6. Difficulty in completing tasks like sweeping, maintaining the house…
7. Unopened mails, unpaid bills
8. Empty ref or food supply not enough
9. Smell of urine maybe due to incontinence
10. Forgetfulness resulting to burned pots
11. Lack of motivation
12. Failed to answer your calls
13. Sensitivity and become verbally/physically abusive
14. Vitamins or Medicines unable to follow or complete
15. Early stage of Dementia like confusion, memory lapses, wandering, mood swings and others…

If you think your parents is experiencing one or more of this, then you have to sit with them and talk about it. It is best that they themselves will identify the problems and decide on the solutions that meets their Care needs.


Client A: “Independent But Needs Companion “

Client A is a 72 years lady living with her Indonesian maid. Not married. No kids. Her sister lives in Singapore so her only Family who lives quite a distance from her house is her nephew. Her nephew got his own family. They come and visit Client A whenever there’s available time and during holidays.

    Patient A is tall and Skinny. she is osteoporotic so she takes her Calcium and other supplemental vitamins everyday..She is independent, she runs her own errands and do some household chores. She also hangs out with her friends..Client A loves orchids so she always do her gardening ..

     One day her maid asked for a holiday for atleast a month to spend time with her family . With no hesitation, Client A agreed so the maid go back to Indomesia.. Since Patient A is independent, she continue her daily routine while the maid is away ..

Not long enough after the maid is gone.. She confidently go outside and do some gardening.. Singing while trimming and watering the plants. While watering her plants, she stripped her one leg and fall on the drainage . She called for help for atleast an hour.. Atlas the Indonesian maid of the neighbor heard her desperate call for help. She came to respond, Patient A asked her immediately to get her phone and call her nephew so the maid did. The nephew is shocked and hurriedly came .. Ambulance came and intervene.. send her to the Hospital..
      Patient A , sustained different fractures from one side of her body. She sustained fracture  of her shoulder, fingers, wrist, and some dislocation of her pelvis. She stayed in hospital for a month and was discharged for recovery at home since the doctor told her that bones needs time to heal..
      Due to the injuries and pain from the fracture, Patient A  can’t stand and sit . At home she was on lying flat and complete bed rest ..Her family then decided to get in home help, engaging private care provider to properly assist Client A.

Client A has physiotherapist that comes thrice a week. Do the necessary and suitable Exercises for the Client. On the other hand, the Private Care provider give her Sponge bath, change her clothes, prepare her meals, clean her room, change her Diaper and do the exercises taught by the Physiotherapist. Doctor advised that constant bending of the joints, muscle strengthening exercises and diet will help Client A from recovery. The care Provider educate the client that the big factor is the Her Strong Will to Recover. With Continuous help from the Care provider and physiotherapist, the Client able to sit and stand after 2 months. Able to walk by 3 months. and Recovered after a year. (Not maximum level but she can walk now on her own, and do things without help.) The family decided to continue Long term In home help to assist and look after Client A. The family is afraid she might get another fall..

CASE : Client A at her age needs someone to accompany or to keep an eye to prevent another accidents in the future.. although she is independent she is fragile…

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Caregiver for Elderly Malaysia

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