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Private Caregiver at Home | Call 0166196304

Private Caregiver at Home for elderly Malaysia | Call 0166196304

Caregiver at home. Home Caregiver in Malaysia. With us, we ensure the best quality for your loved one. We work based on based on integrity, reliability, trust and performance.We are committed to deliver a high quality of service to maintain wellness.

We offer Private Nursing and Care giving Services

Live in and Live out Care

Short term and Long term

Full time or Part time Care

Basic and Skilled Nursing care

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Hygiene, Bathing and Grooming, Oral Care, Transfer Assistance from wheelchair, commode and Others, Assistance with walking with or without Assistive device Like walker, cane, & crutches, Exercise Regime, Changing Diaper, Simple Massage and Physiotherapy, Safety Measures,  Fall Prevention, Positioning Techniques, Care for Pressure  Ulcer care and prevention, Escorts to Medical Appointments, Medication Preparation and Administration, Monitoring Vital Signs , Oxygen Therapy , Nebulization, Wound Care and Dressing, Diabetic Wounds, Bedsore, post- op wounds And others, Blood Glucose Checking and Insulin Injection, Naso Gastric Tube and PEG feeding, Colostomy Care, Tracheostomy Care and Suctioning, NGT Insertion  , Enema, and others, Stroke and Hypertension Management , Urinary Catheter Care and changing, Cast care,  Basic Physiotherapy, Palliative Care and  Post-Surgical Care.

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Caregiver at Home

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Private Caregiver

Private Elderly Caregiver Malaysia


Elderly Caregiver . Private Elderly Care Malaysia. Home care Services . Live in and Live out Care. Companionship Care.

☎ 016-619-6304

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PRIVATE DUTY NURSING CARE (PDN CARE) provides PRIVATE NURSING AND CAREGIVING SERVICE. It caters to all individual who needs health assistance : bedridden / stroke, post hospitalized and rehabilitation, trauma and injury, diabetic, fracture, Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons, and many more. WE offer 100% individualized & personalized health services in the comfort of your own home.

Elderly Caregiver

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“We compassionately gives quality & excellent private care services . Our presence serves as your presence as we deliver your love & care passionately. The patient can bring back quality of life with the feeling of safety and security from a trusted health care provider to familiar place and surroundings and support from the immediate family , relatives and friends. Daily living will be more easy and less stressful which means life will go on as smoothly as possible.

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Private Caregiver Petaling Jaya

Private Caregiver in Kepong

Looking for Private Caregiver in Kepong?

Private Caregiver Kepong. Elderly Care Kepong. Home Care Services. Private Care Kepong. Cancer Care. Live in Care. Live out Care.  Long Term Care, Short Term or Respite Care. Palliative Care. Disability bedridden stroke, Basic and Skilled Nursing Care.

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Private Duty Nursing Care by Filipino Nurses and Caregivers is proud to introduce to you our group of freelance Registered Nurses and Certified Caregivers from the Philippines working in Malaysia for years. We work with clients based on integrity, reliability, trust and performance.We are committed to deliver a high quality of service to promote wellness and achieve optimum level of health. We maintain our values and principles to strive for Excellence.

Private Caregiver Kepong

Private Duty Care offers private nursing and caregiving service .It caters to all individual who needs medical assistance in their living. It offers an individualized care to maintain wellness and achieved quality of life.

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