Client A: “Independent But Needs Companion “

Client A is a 72 years lady living with her Indonesian maid. Not married. No kids. Her sister lives in Singapore so her only Family who lives quite a distance from her house is her nephew. Her nephew got his own family. They come and visit Client A whenever there’s available time and during holidays.

    Patient A is tall and Skinny. she is osteoporotic so she takes her Calcium and other supplemental vitamins everyday..She is independent, she runs her own errands and do some household chores. She also hangs out with her friends..Client A loves orchids so she always do her gardening ..

     One day her maid asked for a holiday for atleast a month to spend time with her family . With no hesitation, Client A agreed so the maid go back to Indomesia.. Since Patient A is independent, she continue her daily routine while the maid is away ..

Not long enough after the maid is gone.. She confidently go outside and do some gardening.. Singing while trimming and watering the plants. While watering her plants, she stripped her one leg and fall on the drainage . She called for help for atleast an hour.. Atlas the Indonesian maid of the neighbor heard her desperate call for help. She came to respond, Patient A asked her immediately to get her phone and call her nephew so the maid did. The nephew is shocked and hurriedly came .. Ambulance came and intervene.. send her to the Hospital..
      Patient A , sustained different fractures from one side of her body. She sustained fracture  of her shoulder, fingers, wrist, and some dislocation of her pelvis. She stayed in hospital for a month and was discharged for recovery at home since the doctor told her that bones needs time to heal..
      Due to the injuries and pain from the fracture, Patient A  can’t stand and sit . At home she was on lying flat and complete bed rest ..Her family then decided to get in home help, engaging private care provider to properly assist Client A.

Client A has physiotherapist that comes thrice a week. Do the necessary and suitable Exercises for the Client. On the other hand, the Private Care provider give her Sponge bath, change her clothes, prepare her meals, clean her room, change her Diaper and do the exercises taught by the Physiotherapist. Doctor advised that constant bending of the joints, muscle strengthening exercises and diet will help Client A from recovery. The care Provider educate the client that the big factor is the Her Strong Will to Recover. With Continuous help from the Care provider and physiotherapist, the Client able to sit and stand after 2 months. Able to walk by 3 months. and Recovered after a year. (Not maximum level but she can walk now on her own, and do things without help.) The family decided to continue Long term In home help to assist and look after Client A. The family is afraid she might get another fall..

CASE : Client A at her age needs someone to accompany or to keep an eye to prevent another accidents in the future.. although she is independent she is fragile…

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