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Private Caregiver Task Malaysia

Private Caregiver Task. Function of Caregiver Malaysia. Task and Duty of Caregiver.

1. Performs direct basic nursing measures and care activities like vital signs monitoring
2. Maintains a safe, clean and healthful environment for the patient
3. Holistic Care approach:  socially, intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally
4. Guides and assists the patient in their personal hygiene such as toileting, grooming, dressing and bathing. Elders are unable to do it by themselves.
5. Prepares meals ( some are prescribed and as instructed by the physician)

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6. Bedside care early in the morning and afternoon care, sleep care and as needed care                   7. Medicine preparation and administration to ensure that proper and adequate medications are being implemented _eg insulin injection/oral meds  (IF PHYSICIAN ORDER)

8. Informs the elders when rehabilitation is needed such as physical therapy and exercise
9.Performs errands for the elders. This is on a case to case basis. _eg. Go shop with her/
10. Provides assistance on house calls or attends to visit the physician on schedule

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