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Elder people are vulnerable . They tends to become emotional and sensitive . With the companionship services ,family and relatives will be at ease and will not be worried that their elder loved one is left behind. 

Private Duty Care provides in-home care and elderly companionship services which focuses on the over-all well being of the senior as well as safety precaution and fall prevention.
Reminding the elderly about his/her medication to prevent danger and avoid hospitalization.
Helping with washing  & drying clothes, arranging and sorting out things,  making environment neat and tidy for the elderly , cleaning bathroom for the elder and Meal preparation. Meal preparation includes cooking nutritious and well balanced diet.Food is important as this is a main source of nutrients for the body and gives energy for everyday living . However,many seniors eat so little or some dislike food because  the taste of the food tends to become palatable to their taste buds. So meal preparation is another important role of the caregiver. Caregivers accompany elders to go where they want ..go to a clinic, follow ups, running errands, getting to a store or even going to a salon..We accompany in conjuction to personal and support service..
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