Private Nurse Kepong

Private Nurse Kepong

Private Nurse Kepong. Live in and Live out Service. Fulltime and Parttime Care. Long Term Care and Short Term. ELderly and Companionship Service. Post Hospitalization and Rehabilitation Care. Physiotherapy Care Continuation. Personal Hygiene Care . Occupational Therapy,  Disability bedridden stroke, Caregiving and Nursing Care,  Palliative Care.

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Private Duty care is a group of independent Registered Nurses and Certified Caregivers from the   Philippines working as a Private Duty Nurse and Private Caregiver (PRIVATE CARERS) that provide private nursing and caregiving services to a client  at the comfort of his/ her own home.We work  in Malaysia  throughout years and we stand by credibility , trust and professionalism as we work with passion and dedication. We deliver  high standard of care to  improve or maintain our client’s quality of life.

PRIVATE DUTY NURSING CARE (PDN CARE) provides PRIVATE NURSING AND CAREGIVING SERVICE. It caters to all individual who needs health assistance : bedridden / stroke, post hospitalized and rehabilitation, trauma and injury, diabetic, fracture, Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons, and many more. WE offer 100% DIRECT , individualized, personalized health services in the comfort of your own home.